As part of your promotion or marketing strategy, video is vital to help boost awareness and increase sales.  I can help you with competitively priced, high quality video to showcase your brand or business.
Business and corporate filming…music videos and presenter show reels…motion graphics and channel branding…visual effects and event elements…get in touch using the contact page and let me bring your project to life.
Here’s my latest video showreel, showcasing selected film and motion graphics projects. Check out some FAQ and more video goodness below.
Q How much do you charge for a video or film?
A That all depends on how complex your video idea is.  There are many factors that you have to take into account that may reduce or increase the price, so I’ll have a thorough planning and development session with you before the shoot begins. 
Q I’ve got a video camera that my son/niece/daughter/dog knows how to use, why should I employ you?
A There’s a massive difference between professionally captured video and someone waving around an off the shelf camcorder.  I can provide quality video capture at extremely competitive rates, meaning you get a professional looking film and the best possible image for your brand or business.
Q There seem to be lots of video companies around, what do you offer that they don’t?
A This is where my audio experience comes into play – rather than treating audio as an afterthought (as many video editors seem to) I’ll create a custom soundtrack complete with properly mastered music and effects, meaning your video will be more likely to capture the attention of potential clients or intended audience.
Have a look at some examples of my work below, then drop me a line via the contact page to discuss your requirements.